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Military Discounts

We're Proud to Support our Troops!

Capistrano Ford is a Military Certified Dealer, offering special services for Active Military Personnel.

For Our Active Military Personnel Only:

Sales Benefits

Ford Motor Company is honored to reward your commitment to our country through our exclusive Military Appreciation Program. This offer provides you with the opportunity to receive a $500 Bonus Cash Offer good toward the purchase or lease of any eligible new 2013/2014-Model Ford or Lincoln Car, Truck & SUV through F-550 (Excluding Mustang Shelby GT, Shelby GT 500, Harley and Hybrid Vehicles).

This program offers an exclusive $500.00 bonus customer cash direct offer to the eligible recipient who purchases or leases an eligible new 2013/2014-Model vehicle during the program period. There is a limit of one offer per household. Residency restrictions apply.

  • Sub Prime Credit
  • Military Miles Auto Financing Program More info
  • Money back guarantee on all used vehicles - see dealer for details
  • A short drive - Only 10 minutes north of Camp Pendleton

Service Benefits

  • **Exciting New Benefit! EMPLOYEE PRICING DISCOUNT on ALL PARTS and SERVICE work performed at the dealership**
  • Lifetime free car washes
  • Free roadside service
  • Free shuttle service to and from the base
  • A short drive - Only 10 minutes north of Camp Pendleton

Us Miles Program

Are you looking for a military auto loan? The MILES Program provides car loans exclusively for active duty military who do not qualify at their local bank or credit union. Apply online for quick approval.

Most junior enlisted service members are just starting out in life. Most have virtually no credit history, a limited income, and worldwide mobility. These factors may make traditional sources for loans like banks and credit unions unavailable to you.

MILES was created to provide active duty personnel an opportunity to purchase a quality vehicle from a respected dealer at a fair price and financing through a national bank. Although this may not be an issue for many people, it is a serious problem for the newly enlisted. With limited credit and undesirable financing options, service members are purchasing poor quality vehicles and paying $1,000's over retail (fair market value). Through the MILES Program, service members are offered numerous protections, including vehicle pricing restrictions, high quality standards for new and used vehicles, a network of certified dealers, and financing through US Bank.

In obtaining transportation, junior enlisted personnel face a myriad of obstacles. Just beginning life's journey, these young service men and women possess virtually no credit history, a limited income and worldwide mobility. This combination limits their ability to obtain financing from many local banks or credit unions.

In many cases, the newest members of our nation's defense are therefore preyed upon by dealers who charge exorbitant interest rates and prices for vehicles of questionable quality. These factors result in high monthly payments. In addition, unexpected costs for breakdowns may result in financial difficulty for them. The ultimate costs include ruined credit, Quality of Life concerns, and a deteriorating morale...all the while, defending our country.

Dealers' Financial Services, LLC created MILES, a unique and innovative program to address these serious problems. An experienced team of experts, representing the military, as well as the banking, finance, and automotive industries, developed MILES as a practical solution for the specific transportation and financial needs of the junior enlisted.

Three pillars are key to the MILES Program:

  1. The Vehicle Purchase Training,
  2. The National Certified Dealer Network, and
  3. The Vehicle Loan Program.

A prerequisite to qualify for the MILES Program is the vehicle purchase training which guides the service members through each step of the purchasing process and produces an educated buyer. The service member learns the skills to purchase, finance, and maintain reliable transportation in a self-directed program, developed with Dr. Gwen Reichbach, former Director of the National Institute for Consumer Education at Eastern Michigan University.

The MILES Program then provides the service member with a National Certified Dealer Network (NCDN), 90% of which are franchised dealers. MILES Certified Dealers are required to meet numerous MILES standards in the pricing and conditioning of vehicles sold through the Program. To ensure compliance, each transaction is audited by the MILES Home Office.

The Vehicle Loan Program allows the service members to establish positive credit through US Bank and the loan payment is based on their personal budget. Through MILES, there are no hidden finance costs.

MILES is a win-win-win for our service members, the military, and the dealer. With the MILES Assistance Center (MAC), service members work with a financial counselor who assists them with the vehicle purchasing process. These counselors also assist with personal budgeting. Our employees work with the dealerships to ensure compliance to program guidelines. Many of our employees are former military personnel who work personally with the command, dealerships and service members to end the abuse of these young men and women.

The mission of the MILES Program is to provide a complete program which aids our service members in purchasing a quality vehicle from a respected dealer and establishing credit through a national bank. We are proud to offer the services of the MILES Program to the Active Duty members of the U.S. Military.

Support Your Local Military

Community Events in support of the base

On May 16th, Capistrano Ford drew the lucky winner of a brand new F150 Ford Truck that Capistrano Ford donated to Camp Pendleton. Our winner's name is Rafael Ramirez. He is currently on a carrier ship heading out to Iraq, but he has been notified that he has won.

"His command said he is very excited and from all accounts, a stellar Sailor. He has deployed numerous times in support of the war and was just awarded Sailor of the Quarter."

Capistrano Ford is very excited to be a part of numerous programs for the Military and their families such as the Truck Giveaway, the Christmas Toy Drive, Kids Fair, Mud Run, the Jumpin' Jam and much more.

Also, the city of San Juan Capistrano is hosting a special picnic on Saturday, June 23rd. This is a special picnic in honor of the city's adopted 1st Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment (1/11). 1/11, an artillery battalion, will deploy to Iraq around the first week of July, and the event will be a public celebration to support the city's beloved Marines and families.

The community event will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the city's Historic Town Center Park, 31806 El Camino Real, in the heart of San Juan Capistrano's downtown. The Marine appreciation picnic will feature live entertainment, a pie-eating contest, dunk tank, slot-car racing, hay rides and a host of activities for folks of all ages. 1/11 will have a light-field artillery weapon and such on display. Tasty barbecue plates will be sold for $14.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the families of 1/11, which the city adopted last year and christened in a special ceremony on 9/11. The community can opt to support its Marines by donating to help fund the event or by treating the Marines to the barbecue - $14 will feed one Marine; $50 will feed a family of four.

The 1/11 unit, which has more than 600 military personnel who are assigned to the battalion, has seen duty in World Wars I & II, Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm and most recently in Iraq.

For more information, call 949-443-6317. Information about the event is also listed in the city's summer Hometown Happenings newsletter, which is available online at