2023 Summer Ford Sales Dana Point Dealers


2023 Summer Ford Sales Dana Point Dealers


The Ford summer offers at Capistrano Ford dealership provide the perfect opportunity to take the driver’s seat.


As your top Ford destination, we’re thrilled to present a month-long celebration that ensures an unforgettable August bursting with comfort, exhilaration, and the undeniable call of the open highway.


Dive into the essence of American automotive excellence as you sift through the stunning Ford lineup, all available at unbeatable prices. This summer, immerse yourself in the legacy and prowess of iconic Ford models that set the standard for durability, flair, and sheer driving satisfaction.


For those in search of the ideal melding of sophistication and capability, your search ends with the Ford F-150. With its expansive cabin and assertive stature, this commanding pickup is poised to be at your side for city commutes and rugged terrains alike. Let the Ford F-150 pave the path to unmatched driving adventures.


If adrenaline-packed rides are what you’re after, the Ford Mustang is here to cater to your desires. Built for heart-racing speed and thrilling performance, the Mustang aims to reset your benchmarks of driving exhilaration. The Ford Summer Sales Event presents a prime chance to dive deep into these superior vehicles, all while snagging deals that echo the pristine quality of the automobiles on offer.


Whether you’re weaving through urban lanes or setting forth on grand escapades, Capistrano Ford stands as your primary hub for all things Ford. Don’t let this summer sales opportunity pass you by – the deals are blazing and time-sensitive! Seize unparalleled driving experiences and morph this August into a treasured chronicle, solely at Capistrano Ford.


As the summer sun casts its golden hues, there’s never been a better window to bask in the thrill of piloting a Ford. The Ford Summer Sales Event at Capistrano Ford beckons you to indulge in innovation, might, and escapades like never before. Whether you’re a staunch Ford advocate or a newcomer to the world of esteemed vehicles, this event opens doors to a summer of unparalleled vehicular passion. Rally with us in the celebration of the driving craft and pinpoint the Ford that resonates with your spirit today!


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