2023 Summer Sales Event Capistrano Ford


2023 Summer Sales Event Capistrano Ford


The Ford summer offers at Capistrano Ford dealership are your ticket to an exhilarating drive.


As your foremost Ford destination, we’re delighted to showcase a month-long celebration that promises an unforgettable August bursting with innovation, thrill, and the allure of the open highway.


Step into the world of American automotive brilliance as you discover the stunning Ford lineup, all available at prices that can’t be resisted. This summer, indulge in the legacy and performance of iconic Ford models that represent excellence, style, and unparalleled driving joy.


For those who have an appetite for power paired with sleek design, the Ford Mustang stands out. A beacon of speed and style, this legendary sports car is ready to elevate your city drives and highway cruises to the next level. Allow the Ford Mustang to steer your summer towards thrilling horizons.


Adventure seekers will find their match in the Ford Bronco. Crafted for rugged terrains and off-road escapades, the Bronco embodies the spirit of freedom and exploration. Let the Ford Bronco guide you to destinations unknown.


Families and explorers alike will appreciate the versatility of the Ford Explorer. With its spacious cabin and robust capabilities, this SUV is the quintessential companion for both urban adventures and countryside journeys. Embrace the possibilities with the Ford Explorer.


The Ford Summer Sales Event offers a golden chance to immerse yourself in these magnificent vehicles, complemented by deals that reflect their top-tier stature. Whether you’re zipping through city streets or setting off on grand adventures, Capistrano Ford is your one-stop shop for all things Ford. Don’t let this summer sales saga slip by – the offers are fiery and fleeting! Seize the peak of driving experiences and turn this August into a cherished memory, exclusively at Capistrano Ford.


As the summer sun casts its radiant glow, there’s no finer moment to experience the delight of commanding a Ford. The Ford Summer Sales Event at Capistrano Ford calls you to experience power, agility, and exploration like never before. Whether you’re a die-hard Ford enthusiast or just beginning your automotive journey, this event heralds a summer of unmatched automotive wonder. Join us in our ode to the art of driving and find the Ford vehicle that aligns with your aspirations today.


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