Capistrano Ford Presidents Day Sale





Capistrano Ford Presidents Day Sale

At Ford Capistrano, excitement is always in the air with our exclusive vehicle specials, tailored for every Ford aficionado.

This season, we’re spotlighting an exceptional lineup that promises adventure, luxury, and power, notably featuring the iconic Ford Bronco, the versatile Bronco Sport, the family-friendly Ford Explorer, and the unparalleled Ford F-150.

The Ford Bronco, with its robust design and off-road prowess, has quickly ascended as a dealership favorite. Its blend of nostalgia and modern technology makes it the perfect companion for both untamed adventures and stylish city drives. Now is the best time to experience why the Bronco stands as a symbol of freedom and capability.

For those who prefer a more compact yet formidable adventure vehicle, the Ford Bronco Sport is currently available with special financing offers. It delivers exceptional performance in a smaller package, ensuring your adventures are limitless without compromising on safety or comfort.

The Ford Explorer continues to offer spacious sophistication and state-of-the-art features at special pricing. Ideal for families and explorers alike, the Explorer blends luxury with functionality, making every journey memorable and comfortable.

Adding to our spectacular offers is the Ford F-150, America’s beloved truck, now available at special pricing only at Capistrano Ford . Known for its durability, power, and cutting-edge technology, the F-150 is designed to tackle any challenge, making it the perfect choice for work and leisure. Whether hauling heavy loads or embarking on weekend getaways, the F-150 stands ready to exceed expectations.

Visit us at Ford Capistrano to explore these incredible specials. From the adventurous spirit of the Bronco and Bronco Sport to the luxurious comfort of the Explorer and the unmatched power of the F-150, our lineup is equipped to bring your driving dreams to life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Ford excellence at unbeatable prices.